27 May 2015

Queen's Speech

Well “out of the frying pan …” springs to mind, with the appointment of Michael Gove as Lord Chancellor, in succession to Christopher Grayling who ruthlessly carried out Downing Street’s directives, to increase court fees by up to 421%, cut the legal aid budget and limit judicial review.
In 2013, former Court of Appeal Judge Sir Stephen Sedley’s analysis was that “the decision in 2012 to put a political enforcer, Chris Grayling, in charge of the legal system carried a calculated message: the rule of law was from now on, like everything else, going to be negotiable”.
Mr Grayling will be missed by lawyers about as much as teachers will miss Mr Gove I imagine!
The appointment of Michael Gove is a clear indication of the government’s intentions to impose more of the same I am afraid.
Having failed to deliver on the Conservative commitment to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights, Christopher Grayling moves to his new position, whilst his successor is unlikely to have to handle the same hot potato, at least in the short term, with repeal of the Act having been relegated to the back burner judging by today’s Queens Speech.
Watch this space.