30 April 2015

Guideline Rates remain unchanged

The Master of the Rolls has confirmed that the Guideline Hourly Rates will remain unchanged.

The Rates were last reviewed by Lord Dyson back in July 2014 when he concluded that there was no evidential base to justify changing the rates. In a recent Statement it was confirmed that despite discussions with the Law Society and the Government, there was no funding available for the in-depth survey that was needed.

Whilst for various reasons Lord Dyson concluded the GHR’s were of less relevance he nevertheless confirmed:

“I am conscious that there are still many uses to which GHRs are put. They remain an integral part of the process of judges making summary assessments of costs in proceedings. They also form a part, even if only a starting reference point, in the preparation of detailed assessments. They also provide a yardstick for comparison purposes in costs budgeting.”

All of this means that the GHR’s remain at 2010 levels and in the 2014 review Lord Dyson effectively ruled out any inflationary increases.

It should be remembered that the GHR’s are intended for Summary Assessment purposes and form the starting point only for consideration of hourly rates. NWL have recovered hourly rates considerably in excess of the Guideline figures on both Provisional and Detailed Assessment. Because of our experience in dealing with Courts throughout the Country we can properly advise you what rate is appropriate for the case and more importantly advise you what you are likely to recover which can vary enormously depending upon the case and where the costs are being assessed. If in doubt get in touch with us!